After three years of working after hours I finally managed to finish one of my biggest works. It’s an album called 'Circle Of Light’.

The album contains an hour of music inspired by militaristic science fiction themes. It is divided into 24 pieces from purely orchestral to purely electronic but the vast majority is a mix of both.

The idea for the album sparked in 2012 with a piece called 'Galaxy At War’. At the time I didn’t know how the story would go – all I knew was that I want to include a musical illustration of a big space conflict. It was later when I added themes like politics, love, loss and other to the story, but the general outline (the beginning, the centre and the big end) was already prepared. In short, it revolves around a group of soldiers that uncovers a plot to start a big galactic conflict. Each piece is rather an image of the story than an illustration – I didn’t want to make it like a film soundtrack where music is carefully tailored to follow the picture it was written for. (A side note: it would work much better in video game; this medium is much more liberal in case of using musical pieces.)

When the album was more or less ready and each piece was in place, I wanted to improve the music. Some of the tracks didn’t sound so good like they had sounded earlier when I had written them – I felt that the melodies, the orchestration, the structure of each piece needed improvements. 'Dark Alleys’ and 'Chase Through The City’ were one piece, 'Galaxy At War’ didn’t have an intro from 'Hung In The Balance’ and 'Silent Hit’ no longer has one-bar-crescendi in brass section. It also turned out that some of the tracks didn’t fit the story anymore and had to be removed from the list (like 'Gains And Losses’ which is still present on my youtube channel).

Here are two examples from the album:

Light and Darkness

Album is also available to listen or to buy on numerous sites:
AppleMusic and iTunes