In 2016, inspired by Inktober Challenge, where people had to draw a number of pictures using ink only, I created something alike for myself in November 2016 called „Woodvember”. Due to the fact that many big films, video games and trailers used little to none woodwinds in the soundtracks, I decided to focus on this group of instruments (orchestral and folk). One other rule I gave myself was to create each piece in 1 hour only. Apart from that, there was no other restriction (or I don’t remember any). I created 30 pieces, the instrumentation, mood and length varied.

In 2017 I returned to the challenge and this time one of the new restrictions was using each of the 24 keys at least once in all 30 pieces.

In 2018 I challenged myself again but I changed samples libraries.

2019 was the last year I challenged myself in Woodvember challenged. This timeI wanted to make Theme and Variations and due to the lack of time, I managed to create only 25 pieces.

(photo in the background by Timothy Swinson)