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 – a survival horror game soundtrack, in progress. (producer: Madmind Studio)
Phantaruk – 30 minutes of dark ambient electronic soundtrack + 20 minutes of unused orchestral music (producer: Polyslash)
Heroes of Paragon – Over 10 minutes of fantasy music for a mobile/web game. (producer: EverydayIPlay)
Sacred Agony – 15 minutes of orchestral-electronic music for gameplay prototypes videos of a survival horror game. (independent producer: Tomasz Dutkiewicz)
Digger Machine – main theme and gameplay music for a small game for mobile devices. (producer: Rapid Games Studio)
Creation – an orchestral soundtrack for a short animated film. (director: Tomasz Dutkiewicz)
BOX the revenge – main theme and gameplay music for a small arcade multiplayer video game. (independent game)
Vision Runner – main theme for a 3D free run sandbox video game. (producer: Snowbit Interactive )
Mass Effect: Reborn – 19 minutes of music in a science fiction mood for a ‚Homeworld 2’ mod that takes place in ‚Mass Effect’ universe. (producer: Phoenix Interactive)
Waves: Incoming – main theme and gameplay music for a small game for Android mobile devices. (producer: DevClaw)
Drakland: Tales – 20 minutes of orchestral adventure music for an unreleased fantasy tactial-strategy game.
Arrangements of various songs (like 安 惠 之 歌 (Song for Anhui)节 日 欢 歌 (Celebration of the Festival)) for various clients