Welcome, perfection

I’ve never been good in writing first entries.

There. I admitted it. In front of you.

However, I think my point of view about starting anything is common – there are usually millions of various thoughts about how to start and the hardest point is putting the thoughts into reality. But when we finally start, we want it to be perfect. Just like in music – putting notes together into an ideal piece.

But it’s never perfect. It can be bad, average, good, great or even brilliant. But never perfect.

It’s like neverending chase. Perhaps perfection is just around the corner. Or very far away. Or both (damn Schrödinger and his cat 😛 ). We try to achieve perfection in different ways and it’s always beyond our grasp. To succeed, we can’t stop and simply do what we do best. This way we get better and closer to perfection.

Draco Nared

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