About me


Draco Nared is a composer, orchestrator and arranger from Poland. He began his journey of creating music in his childhood, even before he started proper musical education. His long love to classical orchestral music fruited in a specialization in producing original scores and orchestral arrangements. In 2012 he was influenced by science fiction genre and electronic music what he incorporates in many of his works.

Both as a composer and arranger/orchestrator, Draco has worked with game developers, filmmakers and tv ad creators from all over the world, having created over 200 tracks for different media in last few years. His experiences gave him ability to compose music in various moods and instrumentation, though he feels best in creating orchestral music, especially in science fiction setting.

His motto is that we always learn and there are no things that we can’t learn; even if others think we reached our limits, there are still some ways to surprise them.